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Packard BellLegend 15CD Vintage Computer, Intel 486SX2 50MHz W/ Documentation


Compaq Presario 633 Intel 486SX33MHz 12MB RAM SoundBlaster AWE32 Vintage Desktop


IBM Thinkpad 360Cs, Intel 486SX, 4MB RAM, 340MB HDD, Parts/Repair


Vintage Gateway 2000 ColorBook 486/33MHz Laptop - Working - Easy DOS Retrogaming


AST Bravo NB 4/25S Vintage Laptop 486 SX25 / 20MB / 170MB / DOS 6.22 #9180


Vintage Compaq Prolinea 4/33S(486sx) Desktop Computer -no hard drive no memory


Vintage IBM PS/1 2155 G54 486SX-25, 4MB, 170MB Disk 1.44 & 1.2 MB


IBM PS/1 486SX-25 4MB RAM 129MB HDD ~Near Mint~ CLEAN Vintage Retro PS1 2133-G53


IBM PS/Valuepoint 433SX/S Intel 486SX at 33MHz Small Desktop 16MB RAM No HDD


vintage computer HPC HP intel i486 sx Rhetorex RDSP XT version A1 WD cavier 1993


Vintage Packard Bell Multi Media PC Desktop Model PB414A i486 SX 19MB RAM NO OS


Rare Vintage Bitwise 425/VP Luggable PC Intel 486SX 33MHz No HDD*


Vintage OVERBYTE COMPUTER 486 SX desktop Computer -not power on


Vintage LASER 80-2537 Intel 486SX


AST Advantage Explorer 486SX 25


Vintage ALR Flyer SD 4/25S Computer 25 MHz Intel 486SX 80MB Hard Drive 1993


IBM PS/1 486SX PC -Win 3.1 / DOS -25 MHz, 17 Mb HDD, 4 Mb RAM Monitor Etc.


intel Pentium i486 SX A80486SX-33 E5VIX SX902 INTEL '89'92 Processor !


Intel Overdrive 486 SX DX Upgade - PODP5V - A544120bCA - Factory Sealed, Blue


HP Vectra VL2 4/50SE D3045A Desktop w/Intel [email protected]/8MB RAM/Pwr Cord/NO HDD


486 Motherboard with intel i486 SX KU80486SX-25 Processor, AT, 8 Edo Ram 8 ISA !


Intel i486 SX 33Mhz A80486SX-33 Ceramic GOLD BOTTOM CPU Processor TESTED FS!


IBM PS/1 486SX-25 | 2MB RAM | 85MB HDD Beautiful History :::V I N T A G E:::


intel Pentium i486 SX A80486SX-33 L4251556 SX902 INTEL 1989 Ceramic Processor !


PC IBM Aptiva 2144-754 486SX 33MHz RAM 8Mb HD 270MB MS DOS WIN 3.1 SOUNDBLASTER


intel Pentium KU80486SX-25 i486SX-25 Gold Ceramic Processor Intel 1989' Rare !


Rare Intel 486 Overdrive Processor ODP486SX-25 SZ861 New In Box CPU FREE SHIP


HP Vectra VL2 4/33se D3123B Socket 3 486SX 33Mhz 4mb Ram HCJVECTRA486-XX,Working


intel Pentium i486 SX A80486SX-33 L4021115 SX680 INTEL 1989 Ceramic Processor !


HP Vectra VL2 4/33se D3123B Socket 3 486SX 33Mhz 8mb Ram HCJVECTRA486-XX,Working


intel Pentium i486 SX A80486SX-33 L5080197 E5VIX SX902 INTEL '89'92 Processor !


NEW Intel KU80486SX-25 INTEL SX788 NOS i486SX NOS


Intel 486SX 33MHz KU80486SX-33 for Collection or GOLD Recovery


Intel i486 SX673 Processor Board Motherboard MB-1420/25/33PB/PV AMIBIOS


486SX/DX Motherboard. PN: 66256-4MB-A <


NEW Intel 486SX 25 A80486SX-25 SX411 Gold Ceramic Processor VINTAGE


Intel i486SX A80486SX-33 SX789 CPU Processor - Gold




Packard Bell 486/sx M/B for Axcel 39cdt w/ PS-P9 Board, r6622-17


I486 Sx Vintage 1992 Processor Intel




Intel 486 SX Processor KU80486SX-33Mhz (SX673)


Megatel Intel 486SX PC/II+e V1.30 SBC Single Board Computer


Intel 486SX/20MHz Processor A80486SX-20 SX406


INTEL i486 SX PROCESSOR A80486SX-25 / SX679 (pr273)